Airplant Terrarium (Tillandsia) (Click for Info)

Airplant Terrarium:  Airplants take in their nutrients through their leaves, so it is important to soak your plant every 1-2 weeks, 15 minutes (more often in hot, dry environments and less in cool, humid ones). Gently shake off excess water and then place back in the terrarium. If the plant is difficult to remove, you may generously mist the plant instead of soaking.


Foliage/Fern Terrarium (Click for Info)

Foliage Terrarium: Place your terrarium in indirect light or bright artificially lighted room. Water when soil starts to look dry but not bone-dry. Water evenly, just enough to moisten the soil. Do not flood. Use a turkey baste to water it also can be used to take water out if accidentally over watered.

Succulent Gardens (Click for Info)

Dessert Terrarium: Place in direct sunlight, porch or a very bright room. Most succulents crave light. Water only when soil is completely dry. Move to inside the house and place near window, during the winter months.

Moss Terrarium (Click for Info)

Moss Terrarium: This natural moss needs light and moisture to survive. Keeping the moss terrarium covered will allow the moss to stay moist. For open terrariums, mist once a week. Place in bright natural or artificial light..